Itzel Villalvazo

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, where influencers come and go, one rising star has captured the hearts and attention of over 70,000 followers on Instagram. Itzel Villalvazo, a young and vibrant Mexican influencer, has carved her own niche by sharing her youthful exuberance, stunning beauty, and daily activities with her dedicated online community. Her journey from obscurity to Instagram stardom is nothing short of remarkable, and it is her diverse interests that set her apart.

Itzel’s Instagram feed is a visual delight. Her photos, often accompanied by witty captions, offer a glimpse into her life filled with adventure, fashion, and fun. Her youthful charm and captivating smile have earned her a legion of admirers who eagerly await her daily posts. But what truly distinguishes Itzel from the crowd is her genuine passion for subjects that extend beyond the realm of typical influencers.

Surprisingly, Itzel Villalvazo harbors a keen interest in seemingly unconventional topics like cars, insurance, real estate, and cryptocurrency in the United States. This fascination might appear out of place for a young social media star, but it underscores her determination to explore diverse avenues and educate her audience about critical aspects of financial planning and investment.

Her penchant for cars, for instance, goes beyond mere aesthetics. Itzel frequently shares her thoughts on various car models, their features, and the importance of automobile insurance. Her informative posts have helped her followers make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and insuring their vehicles.

Moreover, Itzel’s interest in real estate reflects her forward-thinking approach. She often discusses the intricacies of property investment, offering insights into market trends and tips on buying and selling real estate. Her followers appreciate her ability to demystify the complexities of the real estate market, empowering them to make informed choices.

Itzel’s exploration of cryptocurrency is perhaps the most intriguing facet of her online persona. In an era where digital currencies are reshaping the financial landscape, her dedication to educating her followers about crypto’s potential and risks is commendable. Her posts range from explaining the basics of blockchain technology to discussing the latest trends in the crypto market.

What sets Itzel Villalvazo apart as a social media influencer is her unwavering commitment to self-education and her desire to share that knowledge with her followers. While her stunning photos and youthful charm initially drew people to her Instagram profile, it’s her dedication to topics like cars, insurance, real estate, and crypto that keeps them engaged.

Itzel Villalvazo serves as an inspiring example of how emerging influencers can use their platforms not only for personal expression but also for educating and empowering their audience. With her unique blend of beauty, intelligence, and diverse interests, Itzel is poised to continue making a significant impact in the world of social media and beyond. As she continues to evolve and grow, one thing is clear: Itzel Villalvazo is more than just an Instagram star; she’s a multifaceted influencer with a passion for knowledge and a drive to inspire.


Yeri Mua is social media star and makeup artist who is best recognized for the beauty and modeling content she posts to her yerimua Instagram account. She has accumulated over 7 million followers on the app. She is recognizable for her extravagant outfits and updates from travels around the world.

She has accumulated over 430,000 subscribers for the makeup tutorials she posts to her Yeri MUA YouTube channel. One of her most popular YouTube videos announces a reality show that she has become a part of.   

Yeri MUA’s influence extends beyond the world of beauty. She is an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the industry, using her platform to discuss important topics such as body positivity and representation. Yeri encourages her followers to embrace their unique features and celebrate beauty in all its forms.

She was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico. Her best friend, Alexia Danae Cruz, is a popular make-up artist. She has dated Tik Tok star Naim Darrechi.

In conclusion, Yeri MUA has made a significant impact on the beauty industry through her exceptional skills, engaging online presence, and advocacy for self-acceptance. Her journey from a passionate makeup enthusiast to a media star and respected makeup artist is a testament to her dedication and talent. With countless collaborations and a loyal following, Yeri continues to leave her mark, inspiring others to embrace their own beauty and pursue their dreams.

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